Name Wu Ziming
Nationality PRC
Gender Male
Marital Married
Highest Education Attained Vocational high school
Age: 47

Working Experience

10/1992-02/2005, 08/2008 -Present  Anqing Alliance Mechanical Manufacture Co., Ltd.   As a welder
This company is in the field of chemical industry, the national enterprise with intermediate scale. There are 500 workers, 13 departments and 130,000squremetres workshop. The annual production value can reach 50 million.
 I worked in manufacturing workshop, 26 workers, responsible for installation and maintenance of pipelines and machinery. Equipments include Ac/Dc arc welding machines, Oxygen - acetylene flame cutting machines, various kinds of drills, machine tools, grinders and so on.
I was responsible for welding and mechanical maintenance, including Ac/Dc hand welding in all round, Oxygen - acetylene flame cutting by hand and semiautomatic cutting, operations and maintenances of drill, cutting, and rolling machines and the cutting stock, assembling, welding of the equipment’s stages, handrails, moulds and various of pipelines. I was also responsible for the repair and maintenance of the Hydraulic and pneumatic equipments.

02/2005 -02/2008  Shin Kurushima Dockyard Co., Ltd.
This is a dockyard company, ranks ninth in shipbuilding industry of Japan. There are almost 1,300 workers, mainly products and exports various kinds of container vessel tank ship and car carrier.
There are more than 30 workers in my department with the duties of assembling welding. The primary equipments include plasma cutting machine, plasma arc welding machine, Co2 automatic welding machine, semiautomatic arc welding machine, manual arc welding machine, argon arc welder, semiautomatic cutting machine and so on.
My duty is welding(includes argon arc welding, carbon dioxide arc welding, semiautomatic welding, torch cutting, carbon arc gouging and so on). I have proficient technology to process internal components of the ship. I can do the modulation, maintenance, repair and failure recovery of the equipments.

I am professional in argon arc welding, carbon dioxide arc welding, electrode welding, semiautomatic welding, torch cutting, carbon arc gouging, the cutting stock, assembling, regular repair and maintenance of the steel plates. I am careful and responsible for what I engaged in, I have strong ability to adapt to a new environment and accept the new things quickly.


06/2004—07/2004 Anqing Administration of Work Safety Special working type certificate
Japan Welding Association Vocational certificate of welder intermediate