Since established in 1999, we have placed about 300 construction workers to Russia, UAE, Australia, Rumania, Singapore, Canada including mason, carpenter, steel bender, plasterer, bricks assistant and all of them have at least 5 years working experience.    

After 8 years work, a national recruiting network was built in China. there will be 20 branch companies do recruitment for us at the same time, so that we are able to provide you with the right people in shortest time.

Here three unique trainings are provided for the candidates by us, first , they will be asked to learn English before interview/test in our Language Training Center for about 1 month to ensure they can communicate with the employer during the interview, second, after employed they have to devoice him self from his work to learn English at least 3 month to ease their life abroad, third, before they leave China, they are asked to take about 7 days to learn safety items, matters need their attention when they  entry a new country, and a brief introduction of the country they are going to work in. so the people we provide to you must be the right one you are looking for.

1.Marketing and promoting
2.Recruitment and pre-select
3.Employer examination and confirmation
4.Follow up management and overseas visit
5.Pre-departure training and boarding
6.Visa interview training and apply for the visa