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In order to meet the foreign employer’s high requirement for the Chinese worker’s language and skill, we set up a language training school to their satisfaction.


The language training center is located in the beautiful Laoshan scenic spot, the outskirt of Qingdao city, occupying more than 2000 square meters. The school consists of three districts, including the teaching district, lodging district and the dining district.  


We set up the phonic room and the library in the teaching district in order to make their studying convenient. What’s more, the multimedia teaching and the small class enables every student to master what they have learned effectively in the shortest period. Our training course is based on two directions, first is the interviewing English which is to make them pass the interview more successfully and second is the daily and
working English which is to make them adapt to the new working and living environment more easily.


In order to make the studying more effective, we adopt the close-up teaching method. With the good livingcondition and the specialized chef cooking for them, the students can be more concentrated on their studying. What’s more, our professional teaching team always gives them good classes according to every person’s  feature.

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